How It Works


How Does Viper SmartStart Work?

Viper SmartStart connects you to your vehicle through your smartphone.

Our Vehicle Control Platform (VCP) uses the latest technologies – so you’re always connected. The Viper SmartStart device in your vehicle communicates through its built-in cellular modem. Your smartphone just needs a cellular signal or Wi-Fi. These connections, made possible with a Viper SmartStart service plan, enable you to find and control your vehicle, check its status, and receive alerts.

Vehicle Control Platform

Viper SmartStart provides you with the best-in-class vehicle control platform for the fastest connected vehicle experience in the world!


Secure Connection

Secure Connection
A secure connection is managed between our vehicle control platform, your vehicle, and the Viper SmartStart app on your smartphone.


Touch a button

Touch a button, experience the connection!
It's easy to connect your vehicle to the cloud so you can access it anytime from nearly anywhere. Download the Viper SmartStart app to get an entirely new level of 2-way interaction between you and your vehicle.


Hardware must be installed

Professional Hardware Installation
Viper hardware must be professionally installed into your vehicle to work with the Viper SmartStart app. A remote start or security system is required do vehicle control (start, lock, unlock) and check vehicle status. With the Viper SmartStart portfolio of products, you’re sure to find at least one perfectly suitable solution for vehicle control, status, and location.


Subscription to a service plan is required

Service Plan Subscription
Subscription to a service plan is required to provide SmartStart services over cellular networks and GPS systems to start, control and locate your vehicle through the connected vehicle platform. Check out the available service plans!